The most frequent question asked by PDI customers is ‘Do I need the PDI Campaign Center or just a single list?’ The answer to this question really depends on your campaign strategy and budget. If you want to do things like sending emails, using integrated tools like our mobile canvassing app or online phone bank and you want to track your supporters and have immediate access to our data updates, you will want to get a subscription to our online campaign center. But if you just a few ready to use lists or files, you can just buy the lists you need. A good analogy would be do you need to have an both an oven and all of the freshest ingredients prepped and available for you to bake pizzas when and how you want them or do you just want to order a pizza from our menu that is ready to eat. Below is a detailed breakdown of the benefits of each product below. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

PDI Campaign Center

The PDI Campaign Center is a web-based software platform with tools designed to help political campaigns and organizations manage their voter, donor, volunteer, and membership data for election strategy, communications, and analysis. The PDI Campaign Center can be accessed by any desktop, laptop, or tablet computer with an internet connection. Each account comes with access to top-quality voter data for your district. The Campaign Center allows you to create the same files that can be purchase individually as a single file. Depending on your use, the PDI Campaign Center can save you money. The Field Only and Unlimited Field+Mail accounts allow you to pull some list types at no additional cost. This means you have a fixed cost for your voter data regardless of how many list you end up pulling from the system. 

The PDI Campaign Center has the following key features:

  • Create Individual Lists and Files at any time. This includes mail, phone, walk, email, and texting lists
  • Mobile App Access
  • Send Email Blasts
  • Send Saved Universes to Digital Ad Partners
  • Data Visualization
  • Contact & Volunteer Management
  • Event & Ticket Management
  • Fundraising & Compliance Add-on Available
  • Integrations with 3rd-party Vendors

Single Lists or Files

Individual voter lists and files are sold for a specific use and usually for one-time usage. (Though, you can purchase additional usages of the same file if needed.) Each file is formatted and only includes the data needed for that specific use. For example, a mail file will only include the name and address of the voters in your selected voter universe. Walk sheets formatted as PDFs intended to be printed and are sorted with even/odd addresses, so you don’t have to cross the street. And, phone lists are organized with all the voters who share the same phone numbers, so you can talk to any voter who happens to answer. You can see samples and descriptions of each list type on our products page.

Before the PDI Campaign Center was created, individual lists were the standard way voter data was purchased. Many campaigns and consultants still prefer to use these lists to run their campaigns. The individual lists allow you to just purchase the voter data that you need without committing to the larger purchase price of the PDI Campaign Center and you don’t have to spend time managing data, building universes and creating lists and files yourself.. However, be aware that these lists are very limited in how you can use them. They don’t include updates, you can’t use them to compile the full voter list, they don’t include email addresses, and you if you intend on doing multiple campaign activities (canvassing, calling, or direct mail) you will need to purchase a separate list for each activity. If all you need is a simple list for one activity, you want these. If you need access to the mobile canvassing app, voter emails, or you want to track voters or volunteers, the PDI Campaign Center might be a better choice for your campaign.

Both of the above options allow your campaign to use the same high quality voter data that PDI provides. However, they are mutually exclusive methods of purchasing voter data. 

Still unsure which is best for you?

Looking for Another Product?

Political Data offers a variety of products designed for a specific type of use to maximize ease of use and effectiveness. Unfortunately, they rarely have multi-purpose usability. Please read about our products carefully to ensure you are using the best product that reflects your needs. If you are not sure about which products to purchase, please contact a PDI targeting consultant.

All of our products are sent electronically via email or ftp except for printed lists. Printable lists for door- to-door or phone canvassing can be sent electronically and then printed on site. This expedites shipping time and offers savings in printing and shipping charges.

PDI Campaign Center

The PDI Campaign Center is a web-based software platform with tools designed to help political campaigns and organizations of all sizes manage their voter, donor, volunteer, and membership data for election strategy, communications, and analysis. The Campaign Center can be accessed by any desktop, laptop, or tablet computer with a decent internet connection. The system is connected to our robust voter database to provide real time data updates.

Mail Files

PDI mail files are designed specifically for direct mail use. We group all individuals in a household together to avoid sending multiple pieces of mail to the same house. Each mail file record includes fields for name, address, and house salutation. Other mail file layouts are designed for mail ballot applications or one piece per voter.

Walk / Phone Lists

Phone and Walk sheets are designed to be printed from pdf file. The lists can be printed and shipped by PDI for an additional fee. Walk list are grouped and sorted for canvassing door-to-door. Phone lists are grouped and sorted phone canvassing. Lists can be customized with response codes, surveys. You can also show sub-universes in bold print, check marks, or 3 character codes

Phone Files

Our phone files are primarily designed to be used by professional telemarketing firms. Our standard format groups voters with the same phone number into a single record to avoid calling the same house multiple times. We do, however, have a phone file layout with one voter per record. We also have an auto dial layout specifically designed for “robo calls”.

Polling Samples

Political Data polling samples can be a random n-thing or can be formatted into clusters for a stratified sample. These techniques are used to ensure an accurate representation of the desired voters in a district. Clients only need to provide the sample geography, demographic universe, number of desired interviews, and the pull method.


Contacting voters by email can be an effective alternative to traditional methods such as mail and phone. We began collecting email lists in 2003 and have email addresses for over a third of voters on our voter file. Many of our clients have successfully used our email sending platform for voter contact, fundraising, signature gathering, and member communications.

Mapping Services

The most exciting addition to the services provided by Political Data is GIS mapping. We believe mapping offers new and unique alternatives to target and analyze voters. Mapping allows campaigns to target voters based on their geographic location, without the limitations of registrar-defined areas. We also have the most complete collection of precinct boundary maps to help your campaign organize its efforts around the precincts that make up your district.

Voter File Matching

PDI offers file matching services for matching members of trade, professional, and volunteer organizations to our statewide voter file. We can identify members by legislative district and append such information to your database. Our matches are very accurate and can usually be completed in a few days or less.

Still have questions?